Yvonne & Ellie

Yvonne & Ellie met in China in 2005 when Ellie was teaching at a university out there. Ellie set up a volunteering charity supporting the needs of abandoned and disabled children in the city and Yvonne was an active volunteer.

When Yvonne graduated she went back to her hometown but she felt she had gone back in time and her family wanted her to marry a local man in the village. Yvonne decided to move to a different city and work in Foreign Trade. She became the go-between for sellers from the West wanting to buy jewellery and jewellery materials from China. Soon Yvonne was very successful but was disappointed to learn while her bosses were becoming richer due to her efforts she was being paid a measly salary.

With the support of Ellie she decided to set up her own jewellery business. She works part time as a go between for buyers from the West and the sellers in the markets. She also employs uneducated and vulnerable adults who together with her in her little studio in her apartment creates jewellery by hand  to sell to buyers and individuals in the West.

In order to support Yvonne’s mission to create handmade jewellery in a country where “factory made” is the norm we want to document our designs on this site. We sell our jewellery to support disadvantaged children in China and England. At the moment apart from covering our costs for materials we do not make profit on our items. Instead, we believe in giving back to the community. Yvonne employs disadvantaged uneducated adults in the community.

Yvonne and Ellie work together on creating and designing the jewellery items. All materials are bought directly from Yvonne, are designed by Ellie and created by Yvonne.

If you like one of our designs or would like a commission made please contact yehandmade@gmail.com

Thank you for your support.

Yvonne & Ellie x


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