Communities we support

Employing Vulnerable and Uneducated Adults

Yvonne and Ellie make jewellery because they love to but they also care about their community. Yvonne employs women and young adults who find it too difficult to work the demanding hours of the factory for little pay. For the same pay they work with Yvonne for far fewer hours. Yvonne can only afford this by the support she gets from her buyers. At the moment with the financial crisis Yvonne has only two people working with her because she can not afford to employ more as she needs to pay her rent and pay for the materials to make the handmade pieces. She employs uneducated and vulnerable adults who are creative and would otherwise not have the opportunity of employment.

Supporting Deaf and Disadvantaged Children

In China Yvonne and Ellie support a university student led volunteering charity caring for the needs of abandoned and disabled children. Yvonne holding YuanLi (in yellow) at an orphanage

Supporting Communities in England

As well as their work in China, Yvonne and Ellie have just begun supporting charities in England through the sales of their jewellery. Their next venture is selling at Albert and Friends Instant Circus‘ Christmas Fair, a charity that develops the creative potential of young people, irrespective of their socio-economic environment or physical ability through practical engagement with circus and theatre arts. The Charity offers young people a wide diversity of experiences. An extensive training programme offers ground and aerial skills, music, movement, mime and drama.  A&FIC has gained worldwide recognition for presenting highly skilled, innovative circus theatre performances.


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