There are three ways to purchase jewellery from us and the price differs for each:

1) From Etsy:

You will be purchasing direct from Yvonne and your items will be sent from China. This is the cheapest way to purchase our items because you will not be paying the extra costs we need to cover in Europe. You will also only be supporting Yvonne’s work in China none of the funds will go towards charities in Europe. 

Please note 100rmb goes much further for community projects in China than its equivalence of £6 in the UK hence the difference in price.

2) From Sacha’s Florist, Woodford, the Broadway, Essex

The cost of jewellery may differ a little to the cost on this website because we pay Sasha a cut of our profits so that we may sell in her shop. Sacha have been supporting our work for 3 years and we have seen her beautiful flower shop transform over those three years. She sells the most beautiful flowers and gifts.

From funds from our sales at Sacha’s we have managed to buy an overhead projector for a deaf school, arranged 3 Christmas parties with Santa and a sack full of presents containing toys and school books and pencils, bought donations of extra warm clothes for disadvantaged children and helped to employ uneducated adults in China.

3) On this website.

Simply email us what jewellery piece you would like and we will send it to you First Class Standard Recorded Delivery for £3.65.

The money from these sales are donated to community projects in London and China.

Thank you

Commissions and Wholesale

Alternatively if you would like a commission or would like to order Bridal or Prom jewellery (ie. 6 of the same item in the same colour or different colours) simply e-mail yehandmade@gmail.com

Ellie works with you to design a commission, Yvonne makes by hand all the commissions and wholesales and Yvonne will be sending you them from China.


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